The Solution

Integration of silver fibers

The bacteriaEX-system offers the effective, quick and long-lasting solution: Metalic silver with a purity of 99.99% is firmly integrated in the fabric.

This silver is with its parts 1000 times bigger than a nanoparticle. Therefore, it is, for the human organism, harmless and alergy-free – but also permanently effective.

Bacteria-free in one hour

Due to the natural humid environment, silver-ions are constantly released. These ions penetrate into the MRSA bacterial cell and destroy the genetic information
of the bacterium in the nucleus. This antibacterial effect achieves 99.9% of freedom from bacteria within one hour.
bacteria EX

Effectiveness confirmed

The textile contributes to the combat against MRSA germs in hospitals. All known MRSA bacterial strains are destroyed. This was shown by extensive tests.

Further Characteristics of the bacteriaEX-textiles:

  • offers the comfort of usual textiles
  • reduces the odour production, improves the climate regulation on the body of the carrier
  • is usually industrially washable, keeps its characteristics during the entire application cycle
  • has the same durability as conventional hospital textiles